“It’s bedtime!” *cue crying and whining*… I love it and they hate it; haha. No, but in all seriousness how do you handle bedtime as a mother? Literally, bedtime for mothers means time for mommy time. I ran with you all day, changed poops, cooked, cleaned, crashed our hot wheels together five thousand and one times, and watched Spongebob episodes and acted like these didn’t come out when I was ten; I think it’s time for the kids to wind down. BUT… It’s a surprise EVERY SINGLE NIGHT that’s it’s bedtime. When mommy says “time to get ready for bed” these are the personal things I experience EVERY SINGLE NIGHT:

          Older son crying and surprised that it’s bed time; Water works like I just told him the turtle died; Crying as if I said you have to go to bed and also you’re getting spanked; Whining like as soon as your face hits that pillow you’re not going to knock out; And the baby is whining because I won’t let him sleep with pretzels.. really?


Howwwww as a mother do you deal with this sort of thing? How is it that every night is a fight with these two about bedtime, even though it is a daily routine? At first, I approached this situation by feeding into the behavior. For example, “do you need mommy to stay with you in bed for a few?”, or “do you want to stay up a little longer?”. WRONG. I am the mother, and by doing those things, I just put my children in control. Children may be CHILDREN, but do not, I repeat, DO NOT underestimate their capabilities or their intelligence, because they will take advantage of you during bedtime, and they will get their way… but not today Satan! I, now, approach the situation the other way; Yes, they still cry and spontaneously become hungry when it’s bedtime but guess what? Brush your teeth! Get in bed! I’ll pray with you both then it’s time to sleep. I don’t want to hear anything. Goodnight boys! ❤ (Mommy-1, Kids-0).



2 thoughts on “Bedtime.

  1. Kids will be kids. Reguardless of the child at least 80% will put up a fight in the MMAs to not go to bed. Just love them and focus on them. Nothing and no one else matters but THEM.

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