Hey There! (Intro).

Hi everyone! I wanted to do an introduction blog post before I got deep into the mommy stuff. For starters, I wanted to say thank you for even taking the time to read my blog posts; It means a lot to me. Also, I wanted to say that this blog is going to entail a lotIMG_9482blog of real life experiences that happen to me on a daily basis as a mother of two sons. If for any reason someone has any suggestions for what I post about, feel free to hit the contact section for the advice you want to give me. The only thing I ask is to please refrain from posting/commenting anything inappropriate or derogatory due to the fact that this is a family-friendly blog. Now back to introductions… My name is Allison, but I preferred to be called Allie. IMG_0141blogI had my first son, Aydenn as a teenager (a senior in HS), and it was my biggest life changing experience. I learned what it’s like to be selfless and understand that once you have a child, it is no longer about you; it’s all about when you make a decision, thinking about how that decision can affect your baby first. So on December 17, 2010, I became a new person all around. In 2015, I was married, and I had my second son, Christopher, but IMG_9672blogwe call him Kiko. My life did a 360, and I say 360, because first I’m married, just gave birth to my second child, then next thing I know I’m a divorced mother of two sons. Life changed drastically after having my little kid Kiko. I always say, having one child is like having one child, but having two children is like having ten children. Being a mother, overall, is a job, but it’s not a 9-5, it’s a 24/7 lifetime job. This job involves raising human beings to be the future of our world, and doing it to your best ability. I love my job, even though sometimes I want to rip my hair out, or sometimes I need to walk out of the room and count to ten. I hope you enjoy the blog, and the experiences I go through as a mother. Welcome to the “What Did Mommy Say?!” blog. Yayyyyyyy 🙂





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