An Injury. 

Sometimes as parents, I think we forget that something that can be so small to us, can be GIGANTIC to our children. I know sometimes I forget…


          Sooooooooo, with that being said. My big kid, Aydenn got hurt today. Here’s his story: “I was playing during recess and I fell and I did this ‘weeeeee’ and I slid and my finger went like this *does finger sliding motion*.” … So in adult terms, today during recess, Aydenn was playing and he fell. His finger skidded on the floor causing a blister to show up on the tip of his pointer finger. How did he manage to make a blister from sliding his finger on concrete?, I have NO idea, but children will surprise you with their capabilities or the things that happen to them, each and every day. *rolls eyes*


Back to the story, when he came home and told me about what happened, I was like “Okay, baby, I need to pop the blister on your finger.” AND cue water works.. So I’m thinking it’s not that serious, you cry for everything, it’ll be quick, omggggggggg… Then I took a deep breath like “You know what baby, we won’t do it today. I know it’s scary… but we do eventually have to pop it okay, but not today, so no worries.” So, I left it at that. I put a nice bandaid on the blister, and we were going to keep it moving.
A little fun fact; some days I go to the gym, and my children stay in the gym’s childcare area where they can play with others, color, run, etc…. So, I go to pick up my sons from the childcare and Aydenn hands me a piece of paper:


Here, in this note, it says “Aydenn”, so I know he wrote it, then it says “I am sad be cus I do not wot you to pop my fuing… sca re”. Translation: “I am sad because I do not want you to pop my finger… sorry”. He then excessively drew arrows towards the sad face because it’s SERIOUS MOMMY.
Now, after reading this note, I was in tears because if you read this out loud, it’s absolutely hilarious, but when I stopped and thought about it; I’m thinking to myself, wow, this is such a small thing that is a really big deal to my son. He decided to express in writing the fact that he is seriously scared that I have to pop this blister. Then, he went on and apologized for being scared or “sad” as he wrote. It’s amazing the things children do to express themselves whether it’s cry or write a little note… but Aydenn, if you’re reading this, I’m still going to have to pop your fuing, sca re <3.



2 thoughts on “An Injury. 

  1. You an awesome mother since you had him,he sees you as a caring mother,instead of getting mad,you secure all reasons to do things another day, so he wont be scare so accident do boy! Love him!

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