your child asks you something that you can’t… um… don’t want to… don’t know how to answer or approach the answer. With that being said, I’m a single MOTHER (female), of two SONS (male)… this matters, especially as children get older.
For starters, I am a very private mother. My boys aren’t allowed in my bedroom when I’m getting dressed, and they’re not allowed in the bathroom when I’m showering or using the bathroom. Another thing I pride myself in is my boys innocence… I will admit I protect my children from a lot of things in the world so that their minds aren’t tainted, BUT once in awhile, my son (the older one obviously) will question something that he saw or he heard, and as a mother, I have two decisions: I can either answer the question, or I can give him the answer my parents gave me which was “I’ll tell you when you’re older”… I used to roll my eyes when I would hear that.
To make a long story short, my sister, who doesn’t have children, was in the living room creating her Halloween costume. This involved gluing jewels to a bra…


Then Aydenn goes, “What is that Titi? A boobie mask?”… My sister looks at me holding in her laughter, and I’m just like:


          Immediately, I’M ANGRY. Like, WHAT. DID. YOU. SAY? DID. YOU. SAY. BOOBIE?! Did he just say boobie? Boobie? What’s a boobie Aydenn huh? What’s that? A boobie?? BOOOOOOBIE !!!?? … Yeah, that’s how I reacted. Then I’m like, *takes deep breath*, wait a minute! Aydenn’s a genius! A boobie mask? A mask covering our boobs. Wow.
So, mothers… on a serious note… how do you explain to your SON what a bra is without tainting his mind on the idea that us as women have a private part under our shirts that boys don’t have? I just got exhausted typing that question out. But, the best way I’ve been handling these situations is by telling him that whatever he THINKS is what it IS… So, we wear boobie masks, okay?… What would you have done?



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