How to Survive: The Holidays.


Do you even know what the holidays are about anymore? Being a mother, you get so consumed in the idea of making sure your children are happy for the holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Omisoka, etc. when you’re a mother, you want your children to enjoy the holidays with no worries and a big smile on their faces. Remember when you were a child, and you enjoyed the holidays? Well… no offense, but if I could turn back time to when I “enjoyed” the holidays, I would love that. Now, the focus is on them.

Now, I’m not going to give you a whole spiel about how the holidays are about holiday cheer and family being together and blah blah blah, you already know that. I’m going to give you some survival tips on how to make the holidays a little easier on yourself.


HELLOOOOO. What are you doing? Your daughter does not need 6 barbie dolls (or whatever it is girls play with these days), 1 is fine! Do not MAKE your children spoiled. They will appreciate opening a present regardless. Now, if you give your children the idea that they are going to get 60 presents this year, YOUR FAULT. They’re children. They’re going to pick one favorite toy to play with, leave some on the bottom of the toy box, and the rest you’re not even going to take out of the box. Trust me… My hallway closet has presents from years ago.


Why did you do this to yourself? Do you enjoy going to the malls when everyone’s there like they’re giving away free medical insurance? …because I sure don’t. Last minute shopping is the worst because, guess what?, you’re not the only last minute shopper. Everyone starts to panic when they realize Christmas (I use this holiday because this is what we celebrate) is tomorrow. For future references, start around fall time, and pick up things little by little, that way, when December rolls around, you barely have anything left to do, and you’re not stressing, and losing hair.


I am old fashioned, and I believe that the holidays are NOT about how many presents my sons receive, but I do like the idea of Santa, and he’s checking his list twice to see if your child was well behaved for the month of December, because we all know the other 11 months our children don’t care, they just want their presents. But, as I was saying, I do like the idea of the child understanding that well behaved children get rewarded. ALSOOOO, spending time with your family is VERY IMPORTANT. Enjoy your time with your children. I know seeing them smile from gallons of presents makes you feel like mission accomplished, but having your child ask you to decorate the tree together, or eat a holiday family dinner today, that’s amazing.


Enjoy the fact that it’s a holiday and STAY HOME. Enjoy your children. Everyone can stay in pajamas. Drink lots of hot chocolate. Turn on the hallmark channel and cry about sweet corny annoying family Christmas movies, come on.

The holidays DO NOT have to be stressful, but they’re going to be because that’s what we do as mothers, but lighten up a little bit parents! Happy Holidays! ❤



2 thoughts on “How to Survive: The Holidays.

  1. I love rhis blog,nothing amazing about you,,am very proud of you and so young that you became an adult so young. Now,a mother of two,your boys see you very independent with rules but happy ones,stay strong,you gettin there,actually YOU did!

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