Sharing Christmas.


For starters, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone, but this post is going to have more of a serious tone so don’t read it if you’re feeling holly jolly. But wait, this isn’t a Debbie downer post either, it’s just more of a serious tone..


A little background about me, on Christmas Day, my children spend it at their Father’s house, and then come to see me for a few too. It’s an agreement we have because he has a big family (grandma, grandpa, uncles, etc.) in his house for the children to wake up too, versus my home. Today is Christmas Day, 2017, and I thought I could handle this, but I can’t. I have so many questions for parents who never see their children at all! How do you wake up every morning knowing a piece of you is out in the world? How do you go on with your life knowing you’re missing out on someone else’s, THAT YOU CREATED? Regardless, I am coparenting, which means I miss out sometimes too, not by choice though.

Today, Christmas Day, is significantly important to me because I pride myself in the importance of family so this day is about family time for me (even though it’s not always like that for the babies, lol). Today, I didn’t wake up to the boys arguing about whatever toy, or wake up to them screaming in excitement about Santa coming for them being good boys this year. I woke up all on my own.. to silence. It is probably one of the worst feelings I have felt knowing my boys are somewhere else, and I’m here in a quiet house… just waiting. I almost don’t like this day just because they’re not here.


The only reason I am posting this personal thing is because people don’t understand what coparenting really is like. Coparenting, although best for the children to have enough time with both parents, doesn’t feel good when you’re the parent who’s turn it isn’t. I don’t have much else to say, but shout out to the parents who coparent! It’s selfless, and for the children’s best interest. Remember that! ❤



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