Mom Year Resolutions.


New Year. New Me!!! …Just kidding. I’m still the same person, but people don’t understand that when someone says that, they’re saying they want to change for the new year. Isn’t it crazy how people almost use the new year as a reason to begin doing better things. Like, why didn’t you try to better yourself on August 7th? December 14th? No? The point is, the new year is special to a lot of people because it gives people a sense of “chance” to start fresh! How do you feel about that parents? What do you teach your children?

In my opinion, having a sense that it’s time for a change or time to start brand new, is amazing to me. What’s wrong with wanting to better your life, making a promise to yourself, or wanting a change in your life? So, my seven year old believes opposite.

Me: It’s almost…….
Aydenn: Almost what?
Me: Almost January what?
Aydenn: January what, what?
Me: It’s almost JANUARY 1ST 2018!
Aydenn: Okay. Then it’s going to be February, and then it’s going to be March, and then it’s going to be April… (Yes, he named the entire year, and started all over.)
Me: It’s a new year Aydenn, it’s a new time.
Aydenn: It just means I go back to school.
Me: Also great news.
Aydenn: I wish I had more breaks for longer times.
Me: Aydenn what do you want to do in the new year? Are you going to be a different person?
Aydenn: I want to stay the same.


See, my son, who doesn’t care about anything except food, cars, and crying for bed time, doesn’t see an important in the new year to change anything. He’s also seven, but the point is, I’m not going to change his views and tell him he HAS to change or HAS to make a new years resolution. I’m the opposite of him. I believe it’s fun to make a personal goal or goals for the new year. Here are some of my personal New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. If a person brings negativity, that person’s gotta go.
  2. Slow down on the cursing/swearing.
  3. Try my best to keep my temper in check.
  4. Do AT LEAST one daily good deed.
  5. If someone needs my help, do my best ability to help them.

I hope everyone enters 2018 with a smile and a laugh. HAPPY NEW YEAR! ❤



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