WelcomeHey, and welcome to the “What Did Mommy Say?!” blog. My name is Allie, and I’m the mommy. I am a twenty-three year old single (divorced) mother of two sons, and a pet turtle. Some fun facts about me are that I enjoy Zumba, eating hamburgers, singing terribly, acting like I know how to play basketball, and wrestling my sons. The purpose of this blog is to talk about all the wonderful, and not so wonderful things that mothers go through (I’m just using my personal experiences). I got the name “What Did Mommy Say?!”, because that’s my catchphrase.. I feel. I am constantly saying to my children “What Did Mommy Say?!”. Now, I want you to meet the makers of this content:

Aydenn: The Big Kid. 7 years old. Passive aggressive. Baseball is life, but so are cars. Literally questions everything mommy does and where she goes. Surprised there’s a bedtime, every single day. Likes to express himself through writing.


Christopher Jr: Kiko. The baby. 2 years old. AGGRESSIVE. Hobbies include waiting for his big brother to be calm so he can destroy his peace. Throws tantrums for pizza and grapes. Mistaken for a little girl on a daily basis due to long curly hair.